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Land Value Tax Land Value Infrement Tax House Tax Deed Tax Stamp Tax Vehicle License Tax Amusement Tax Exceptional Tax
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  0. Local Tax Bureau, Miaoli County
  1. About Us 1-1. History
1-2. Organization
1-3. Map
1-4. Contact Us
  2. Introduction to Local Tax 2-1. Land Value Tax
2-2. Land Value Increment Tax
2-3. House Tax
2-4. Deed Tax
2-5. Stamp Tax
2-6. Vehicle License Tax
2-7. Amusement Tax
2-8. Exceptional Tax
  3. News  
  4. Tax Related Laws and Regulations  
  5.Application forms  
  6. Mail Box 6-1. Director's Mailbox
6-2. Feedback Mailbox
6-3. Ethics Office Mailbox
6-4. Tax Fraud Mailbox
6-5. Query Reply Progress
  7. Links 7-1. Downloads
7-2. Local Tax
7-3. National Tax
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Head Office Address: 36002 No.46, Fucian Rd., Miaoli City, Miaoli County 360, Taiwan (R.O.C.) [Map]  TEL:037-331900 
Branch Office Address: 35047 No.135, Fude Rd., Jhunan Township, Miaoli County 350, Taiwan (R.O.C.)  [Map] TEL:037-472215
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